Tipping Point by Ockham’s Razor

Ockham's Razor are the UK’s leading aerial theatre company. Performed in the round with the audience close to the action, the five performers transform five-metre metal poles into a rich landscape of images. 

Winner of Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus at Edinburgh Festival 2016

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Major Tom by Victoria Melody

Major Tom is the story of how an average 34-year-old became a beauty queen and how her unruly pet basset hound, Major Tom, became a championship show dog.

Major Tom and Victoria increasingly immerse themselves in the obsessive and confusing realm of personal scrutiny as they participate as genuine contestants, determined to win.

Victoria, accompanied on stage by documentary film footage and her dog, tells this true story. It explores the British fascination with celebrity, beauty and winning.

Winner of Argus Angel Award! Shortlisted for Arches Brick & Total Theatre Awards. Commissioned and produced by Farnham Maltings.

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Hunt and Darton Café

As part of their Strategic Tour 2014/15

A pop up café and interactive art installation; a social and artistic hub where engagement, spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink.

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